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Book Title: The Treasure-Hunt Three and Judge Mia’s Decree

JudgeMia510Author: Brenda Darnley Martin
Format: Paperback, 26 pp
Retail Price: $11.95

Bullies Beware When Brave Friends Dare To Care!  Freddie, Hector and Tish come face-to-face with the all too common issue of bullying, when a school of sharks starts to bully Hector.  Rather than running in fear, Hector’s friends, Freddie and Tish, immediately seek out the assistance of Officer Muldoon (an octopus, representing the long arms of the law!), who quickly takes control of the situation. In the end, everyone realizes the importance of standing up for what is right and that bullying is never right!

“I love the fact there is a Judge in this story. Many children are scared silly when it comes to court (and this) story reinforces that a Judge represents fairness….”

C.K. Brophy

“Bullying is a real challenge children deal with daily and learning to support a friend in need by getting adult help – well all I can say is I LOVE IT !!!” __ “This is the best book in the series so far and the subject is so important for today’s kids!”

Anonymous, Bradenton, FL

“The book was absolutely beautiful, we loved the illustrations also!  Once again, thank you for dedicating it to Jeff and Dave.  That made us cry.”

Sandy Kocab, mother of Tampa Police Officer Jeffrey Kocab, who was killed in the line of duty alongside his partner, Officer David Curtis, 6-29-2010