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Book Title:     The Treasure Hunt Friends Discover Autistic Trends

Adam 1 cvr.jpg155Author: Brenda Darnley Martin
Format: Paperback, 32 pp
Retail Price: $11.95


On one of their daily adventures in the waters of Old Tampa Bay, Freddie, Hector and Tish befriend an autistic friend named Adam, whom they meet when they visit the “Carrie Lee.” Despite the fact that Adam cannot speak, they have a wonderful time playing together and become fast friends.  The message of this book, like the others in the Treasure-Hunt Fish series, is that life’s greatest treasures are diversity, positive self-esteem and friendship.  My hope is that it may help non-autistic children to be more accepting of those who are.


Brenda Martin has done it again.  The Treasure-Hunt Friends Discover Autistic Trends is a wonderful children’s book, reminding us of the great life principles: caring and respecting those who are different and including them in our lives.

Susan “Sue” Kotchman, Retired Elementary School Teacher and Principal, and Author – See Facebook – Sue Kotchman Books.